Buying Tyres In Brisbane – A Beginner’s Guide

Buyer Guide

The tyres on your car need to be replaced every couple of years or so. Tyres generally have a useful life of around 40,000 km, after which the treds may get torn or damaged. You may notice the tyre losing road grip after a while. Whenever you press on the brake, your car may start skidding on the road. Replacing your vehicle’s tyres in Brisbane isn’t difficult at all. However, most people get confused when looking to buy tyres for their car. Salesmen try to convince customers to buy the most expensive tyre in order to maximise their profits. But if you are looking to buy the best tyres for your car, the following few paragraphs will help you make a better choice.

Buy from a Reputable Dealer

Whether you decide to buy new or used tyres, it is imperative you buy from a reputable dealer. Discount Tyres Brisbane sells a variety of new and used tyres. Situated on Pritchard Road, the company has built a reputation for selling high-quality tyres at the most affordable prices. Whether you own a smaller vehicle or an SUV, they have tyres for every car.

There are many advantages of buying from a reputable dealer. Apart from the fact you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of the tyres, the company will also offer free balancing and alignment. If you are interested in installing mag wheels in place of the conventional rims that come with your car, you can also buy those at a discounted rate. Discount Tyres Brisbane offers new and used tyres, batteries, mag wheels, balancing and alignment services, as well as a complete auto service.

Manufacturing Date

When you go start shopping for tyres in Brisbane, one of the most important things you should know is the manufacturing date of the tyre. Before buying any tyre, always take a look at the manufacturing date. The manufacturing date is ideally mentioned in numbers depicting the week and year in which the tyre was manufactured. For instance, “2815” means that the tyre was manufactured in the 28th week of 2015. Ideally, you should not buy tyres that were manufactured more than two years ago.

Tyres are made from rubber, nylon, and other materials. Do you know what happens to rubber if it’s left out in the open for two years? The rubber will lose its tightness and will become slimy after a while. Therefore, you should always look at the manufacturing date of the tyres before making a purchase.

Reputable companies such as Discount Tyres Brisbane sell tyres that have a recent manufacturing date.  When you visit their shop and start looking at different tyres, ask the salesman to show you the manufacturing date on the tyres before you buy. You should also read about the model of the tyre and find out what others have to say about it. Online reviews are a great place to start!

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