Car Care Tips After A Collision Repair


A damage to your vehicle after a collision is a matter of serious concern. The very next step you can take immediately after such an untoward incident is taking the car for repair to somewhere like Salisbury auto body repair shop. There the certified technicians would be able to give your car a professional treatment, knowing well what repairs would be necessary using their latest state-of-the-art technology. But once you get your car back, you need to be patient with the car and give it some time and scope to get back into its regular work.

Keep the Car in a Garage

If your car has returned from a collision repair shop and has undergone some major repair work, it is better to keep it away from open weather conditions. The parts that got repaired or replaced might take some time to dry up from the heat effects. Keeping it in the open might cause water contact which wouldn’t be good for the car for the time being. So, it is advisable to keep it inside a garage.

Drive Slowly

If your car has undergone some major part repair or replacement like the brakes or engine, then it is advisable not to pick up full speed immediately after the repair work. As at times machines need time to show its proper functionality, try driving in a slower speed, to be on the safe side and give it some time to endure the task it has been assigned to.

Do Not Apply Harsh Brakes

The brakes are the foremost safety features of the car. Sometimes after a repair work, for sometime everything might work fine. But if the repair work was of not high quality, things might deteriorate after a while. So do not be in a hurry while driving this newly repaired car and avoid placing harsh brakes on the pedals, as if they are still in a vulnerable state, it might not be able to take the pressure.

Avoid Undulated Roads

Unless a case of emergency, try avoiding off road driving or driving through undulated roads you’re your car has safely driven some distance for a few days. This is because driving on such roads might put some extra pressure on parts that are yet to prove that they are doing fine. Once you have tried the first level of driving and has seen all the parts working properly, it is better not to take too hard of an adventurous trip on your newly repaired vehicle.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Most of the car repair works involve a paint job. The paint on your car is relatively new after you bring it home from the repair shop. If by chance you spill any harsh chemicals on its surface, chances are there that the paint get damaged. If it happens by accident, make sure to wash off the affected area thoroughly with a soft sponge or cloth immediately.

The Bottom Line

As said by the Salisbury collision repair shop experts, depending upon the part that got repaired, try to take some extra care of those parts and avoid making the car take all the on-road challenges for a couple of months, to be on the safe side.

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