Most Common Causes Of Bicycle Accidents


Even if you are careful when cycling, there are still inevitable situations that will cause you to have an accident. Some of the causes of bicycle accidents are due to a fault of the cyclist, while others are because of outside circumstances. Thus, if you happen to have one, it would be wise to get yourself a reliable team of experts such as the Dolan Law Firm – the bicycle accident lawyers to sort out the mess for you, and if you need further heads-up, here are some of the most common causes of bicycle accidents on the road, so be mindful on your next trip!

  • Speedy Driving Those who are reckless in cycling are bound to crash because of their disregard for traffic rules, which could lead to accidents.
  • Careless Driving – Zoning out would lead to disaster as you’re not wary of your surroundings, so this makes you prone to accidents.
  • Defective Bicycle Parts – Broken or missing bicycle parts could seriously lead you to danger and is even a violation as this could hamper not only your state of driving but others as well.
  • Low vision – Sense of sight is significant when on the road because it causes blurriness that might lead to accidents.
  • Opening Car Doors – Riding too close to other motor vehicles may lead to accidents. This is usually seen during heavy traffic or on busy streets.
  • Bad Weather Conditions – The sunlight can blind drivers while driving under the sun. On the other hand, the rain can hinder safe cycling because of slippery roads and blurry sight.
  • Missing Road/Warning Signs – Knowing the condition of the road is critical, a lack of signal might be the cause of a cyclist’s misfortune.
  • Drunk or High Cyclists- According to research, 1 out 3 cyclist’s accidents is due to drugs or alcohol abuse, so drivers should not consider doing this.
  • Irresponsible Driving – Some drivers don’t give value to traffic rules and laws on the road. That’s why many are not only given  tickets and police warnings but unfortunately severe accidents as well.

Statistics of Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents usually happen to males and occur in urban areas. According to statistics, the percentage of males that were killed is 88%. Furthermore, the fatalities that occur in urban areas are 71%.

In Great Britain, 100 cyclists die each year due to collisions or road accidents. In the US, more than 2 cyclists die daily each year. Research from hospitals states that the police records for bicycle crashes are only very minimal.  

Why Ask Help from an Attorney after a Bicycle Accident?

Being in an accident is definitely tough that’s why you need to seek help from the right people. There are factors you need to give attention to, and some of the important ones can only be dealt by an attorney. You may need all or any settlement for these issues, and if so, an attorney can easily sort this out for you:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical assistance
  • Lost wages
  • Disability


There are a variety of reasons why bicycle accidents occur. As we are not completely aware of our rights when we are faced with a bicycle accident, it is always best to seek advice and help from an expert law firm that has prominent lawyers. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to stay mindful while on the road, so always keep a sharp eye while cycling.  

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