Why Should You Carry An Emergency Roadside Kit


If you are out with your car on road, whether it is an everyday commute or a long highway trip, one can never be sure, what emergency situations might come on the way and how to deal with it. But with the given probabilities, it isn’t that difficult either to grab some essential items, that can come handy during those crucial moments. We call it an emergency kit. Now to determine, what are the items you should include in your emergency roadside kit, that would rightly serve your purpose, we have selected a good number of items listed below by analyzing the probable usage of them:

What Items to Include and Why

The list created below is suggested by the experts from the Chevrolet dealer Cadillac, that is all comprehensive and have items to handle extreme weather conditions.  Depending upon the place you are going to start, pass through and finally reach would have a definite route with certain conditions that can be known in advance. So, if any of these items doesn’t feel relevant enough, one can discard them as per their requirement.

But here are the following items that could be necessary in most cases for making the car up and running:

  • Jumper cables to help the car take a start with the help of other running cars.
  • Flares or triangle reflectors to let people know, there is a pulled car.
  • A quarter or more of motor oil to keep your car sufficiently lubricated.
  • A gallon of coolant to keep the engine cool.
  • Flashlight and extra batteries to have continuous source of light in case you are stuck in darkness.
  • Tool kit consisting a set of screwdrivers, adjustable wrench, pocket knife and pliers to change the tires.
  • A can of tire inflator to fix a flat tire.
  • A step me tire
  • A shovel to remove snow

Few Personal Items

An emergency situation doesn’t always mean a problem with the car, it could be a problem with the passengers. To handle them, make sure you carry the following things:

  • Lots of Drinking Water and Beverages
  • A good amount of baby snacking items, in case you are travelling with one or two of them.
  • A First-aid kit.
  • Paper rolls and disposable bags.
  • A Blanket to save people from accidental fire.
  • A handful of toys to entertain the kids.
  • A medicine pouch that includes painkillers, dysentery and fever control medicines.
  • Phone chargers
  • Power banks
  • A set of extra clothes
  • Umbrellas or raincoats

The Bottom Line

As recommended by the Cadillac Chevrolet dealer, it is important to consider all these above said items equipping in your kit especially the kids’ items if you travel with them. If you are travelling through hot areas, make arrangements to keep the drinking water cool, if you are travelling through cold areas make sure the water doesn’t freeze. Keep a few emergency numbers handy whom you can contact in cases of emergencies. Do not forget to share your location with a family member or trusted friend of yours. With all these preparations, a travel feels more comfortable and secure.

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