3 Common Car Problems and How To Fix Them Easily


The following are the main car problems that need to be fixed in no time:

Issues with oxygen sensors

The most important and the common problem that arises in the cars are the issues with the oxygen sensors. Like the sensors in the malls and other places, these are the special sensors that can detect the level of oxygen in the fuel tank. In order to understand this science, you have to understand what happens in the engine. In order to move your car, internal combustion occurs in the engine. Yes, that’s right. Somewhere inside your car, something is burning. In order to burn the fuel, you need to have oxygen and that is filtered through the air filters of the car. Oxygen sensors are the sensor that checks the amount of oxygen in the tank and this way it makes it easy and safe for internal combustion. It also shows the amount of fuel that is present in the car and when you need to refill the tank. If you have issues with the oxygen sensor of your car, you can get them to fix in just 200 dollars.

Catalytic converter

When the internal combustion occurs in the car, there are different kinds of gases that are produced by the engine. These are very harmful for the environment and many countries have banned the use of such cars. This is the reason different car companies have modified their cars and introduced the catalytic converter in the car. This is a special section in which the harmful gases react with the catalysts and get converted into less harmful gases before they are emitted into the atmosphere. Most expensive metals like platinum are used in it as a catalyst. Fortunately, this part in the car doesn’t make any issues until something else like spark plug or other relevant parts are damaged. The total cost to repair it is about 2000 dollars.

Spark plugs

If we talk about a small thing that can have big effects on your vehicle, there is nothing more important than spark plugs. It helps to ignite the compressed fuel in the process of internal combustion. Without a spark plug, there is no way you can start your vehicle. Damage spark plugs also affect the engine’s power and the use of fuel as well. So to keep your vehicle running, you have to check the spark plugs regularly. Mostly, the repair cost for the damage spark plugs is more than 300 dollars. If you have an expensive car, it is even difficult to repair it as there are few trained technicians.

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