Top 3 Safety Driving Tips


The idea of driving can be scary to a few individuals. Many agree, though, that once they were able to learn how to control the steering wheel, there is no stopping them from driving.  Driving is fun for most individuals. To some, it is their way to get out of the city, hit the dirt road, and meet a few strangers who will eventually become acquaintances and even close friends. Driving is also refreshing in a way that individuals can listen to podcasts and learn a thing or two about making money or increasing network, for instance  – all while making U-turns and steering the wheel.

More than that, driving is relaxing and brings convenience. Having a car means you are no longer relying on others for transportation needs. People are in control of their time as they do not need to adjust their schedule to catch the bus or train. Having the car to drive also means giving premium to oneself as most individuals consider owning a vehicle cheering their fragile ego.

However, the comfort, style, and convenience of owning a car come with added responsibilities. As there might be no happy feeling quite like the freedom driving gives, precaution is necessary to achieve that ultimate independence. Enumerated here are top three safety driving tips to enjoy the comforts of owning that car thoroughly.  

Remain Sober

Others may tend to be annoyed to hear the same reminders every day.  But those are cliché sayings that are substantially accurate. One great reminder would always be “Don’t drink and drive.” This notice may be annoying but still, following it is the easiest way to be safe on the road. With no influence of alcohol, drivers can attend to the car and the road with a clear head.

On occasions that individuals cannot decline an invitation to have a drink or two, it is prudent that they have someone else more sober than them to take control of the steering wheel. There are several drivers arrested for drunk driving and even driving under the Influence (DUI). It is considered a crime and those arrested may need Houston DUI attorneys to help defend themselves.

Get Enough Rest

Drivers have no control over the actions and decisions of other road users; hence it is prudent to rely on their driving skills to minimize if not to entirely keep safe while on the road. Any impaired driving is a possible cause of an accident.  It is sensible to get enough rest before taking the hands on the wheel and the feet on the pedals. For long distance driving, it is wise to take a break once in a while. To avoid leg cramps while driving, do some leg cramps exercises. It is also sensible to hydrate and stay in a safe place to park if they feel a little sleepy or their legs start to hurt.  

Any distraction may lead to an accident; thus drivers must remain cool and not let negative emotions cause them to act irresponsibly.  

Practice Respect

Stop lights are not an accessory. They are strategically installed to signal the driver when to stop, go, and wait. Yellow light means ready to stop so do not force the foot to do the extra mile and beat the red light. Trying to run a stop light will give nothing but a ticket and most likely getting hit by another vehicle and causing traffic.

Showing respect to other motorists on the road is essential. Use the turn signals of the car to indicate to other drivers the intention to make a turn.

Every motorist should always also show respect to pedestrians especially to children and the elderly. In areas like school, parks, and churches, better slow down, and it helps, too, to pay attention to the road.  


In steep roads, more attention is needed. It is best to slow down and clutch those hands on the steering wheel. Avoid changing lanes, too, and making sudden stops. These may distract other drivers and may lead to a collision.  

While both hands are preoccupied on the steering wheel, it is prudent that the eyes are extra watchful within the surroundings. Make use of the rear-view mirror and side mirrors.  

In cases that the place is covered with dense rain or fog, turn on the car fog lights. With the lights on, other drivers are warned that there are other vehicles on the road.    

Be a responsible driver. Do not rely on others to take that brakes or do that signal. Though multitasking can bring several accomplishments in a short period, this tactic is not appropriate when driving.

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