Common Indicators Of Car Brake Problems


If want to break free from car brake problems look no further. A car servicing website has raised up out of nowhere offering car repair servicing in a non-traditional service comparison way. If you are reading this, congratulations. You are either a car brake enthusiast (which let’s face it, It’s as rare as a Halley’s comment nowadays) or you’ve grown into a more aware and responsible car owner.

Imagine driving down the highway and your brakes stop working out of nowhere. Seems like a horror movie scenario but it could be a reality if you have been avoiding the previous signs of having a car break malfunction. Here are some of them:

Weird sound noises whenever you press the brake

If your brake sounds like aSkrillex song every time you step on it, you might want to visit a car repair services.You can find repair shops here. Don’t fool yourself in thinking it will go away by itself. Dubstep didn’t, it just got worse! This eardrum piercing noises require mechanical evaluation. Other sound indicators could be rubbing, squealing, grinding and anything that sounds like the brake is being tortured by stepping on it.

Uncommon vibrations coming from the pedal or the wheel

I hate to “brake” it to you, but no, you have not experienced a vibrating out of body experience, just another break malfunction indicator. Every car expert would advise you to immediately take your vehicle to the car repair shop before the rotors get warped from the metal on metal rubbing. This will lead to bigger damage on the other parts which means bigger costs on new parts.

Strange burning odors coming from your tires

If you are sensing a burning tire odor and other unpleasant smells that make you visualize your car exploding any moment, you might want to hurry up to the servicing shop. This signalizes you may have compromised the safety of the other parts too and you need to check your brakes as fast as you can since you are endangering your safety.

Pressing the pedal requires using more force than usual

Stopping the vehicle shouldn’t be aggressive and violent. If you are forced to use extra force every time you need to use the brake and you feel like you are working out in the gym rather than driving your car, you need to be aware you are experiencing what mechanics call: first stage of brake pad wear. You shouldn’t ignore this problem unless you want it to take you to another more severe damage stage.

It is advised that you should do a brake inspection once a year, but if you haven’t follow the annual inspection and you don’t have time to look around for repair garages, visit one of the many online car service websites, that could link you to authorized service providers. You need to have your brakes checked and repaired by a professional, so you can finally take a break from future brake problems (no pun intended).

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