Everything You Need To Know About Car Wash


A car is one of the major investments in life that needs constant attention to perform the way you want it to. The regular maintenance of a car includes an even frequency maintained for oil changes, brake pads, tire rotations and lots more. But what about the simple maintenance like a wash? How often your car needs a wash and why?

To know the answers read on below.

Conditions for Normal Washing

According to the Concord Chevrolet dealer experts, normally, we don’t need to be told when our car needs a wash. After any long drive, we can’t bear to see the dusty and dull look it wears. We feel the same when our car gets covered by flowers and leaves, or bird droppings. But these are occasions that make us wash the car to end the visual discomfort.

Apart from this we do wash our car, when it collects dust just by lying there. We do it to make it look clean. That are all conditions of occasional maintenance and can’t be included as a regular maintenance job.

We do need to wash our cars even for more serious reasons, and here’s why.

Why Regular Car Wash is Necessary

Washing our car as a part of general maintenance is necessary to protect the car paint and minimize the chances of rust. That makes sense because if either of these cases happen, we would end up spending a lot of money to bring it back to its normal condition.

But regular wash followed by a clean dry wipe will increase its longevity and we can drive it forever in a pristine condition.

A regular car wash will scale up the resale value as well, when finally you decide to sell it off.

How Often You Need a Proper Car Wash

Most automotive experts recommend car washing to be done every two weeks throughout the year. But for people who stay near the sea side, or where there is too much salt in the air or if there are winter roads the wash needs to be done more often, as salt corrodes the metals fast and can cause rust.

On the other side, car washes can get longer intervals between washes if it isn’t driven every day, or it is parked in a garage for most of the time.

Waxing and Detailing

Other ways of keeping your car speak and span, is going for Waxing and Detailing. This is required to maintain an overall health of your car from the aftereffects of salt, bugs, sap, and bird droppings.  While waxing will give your car exterior an extra shine, car detailing will keep your car interior in good shape. Both are good to give your car an extra layer of protection from getting exposed to dirt and other harmful elements.

As suggested by the experts of the Concord Chevrolet dealership, a simple wash in every two weeks, and a session of waxing and detailing for the car interior at least once in every six months will keep your car as good as new.

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