Here’s How To Get The Best Deal If You Are Buying A New Vehicle!


If you are in the market to buy a new vehicle, you can never be more careful! Whether you are buying a new bike or car, a second-hand vehicle or a dazzling one, straight from the showroom, here’s what you need to follow! This checklist includes everything that you need to consider- right from motor insurance to the price analysis. Get the best deal as you save your hard-earned money and get more bang for the buck!

Your need

Analyzing your need of purchasing a new vehicle will help you to assess your situation and spend accordingly. For instance, what do you need the new vehicle for? Are you going to use the vehicle for your daily commute or are you buying to accommodate the growing needs of your family? If you are living in a metro city, the traffic is already worse and you can avail public transport facilities, which can help you cut down on both time and expenses. If your daily commute is of more than one hour, you really don’t need to splurge on a racing motorcycle that gives you a slouching posture.

The Price

Budget is an important criterion that you need to fix at a rather early stage. The more expensive a car is, costlier its related expenses are going to be. The car insurance is going to be costlier and so are its after-sales services and accessories. You wouldn’t want to face a money crunch in the months to come just because you chose to splurge at one go. If you have to buy a car on a tight budget, it is better to focus on the needs and not luxury, though without skimping out on the safety aspects of it.

Technology and Safety

Technology and safety are two important specifications that shouldn’t be compromised with. Cars that do not feature airbags might come cheap but in reality, you are settling on a car that is less safe than the “premium” cars that are designed to tolerate crashes and save you from injuries. Technology and driver-assisted features like adaptive cruise control and automatic braking sensors are a few features that you can’t really bargain with.


In India, motor insurance is a legal compulsion but besides this, it gives you financial safety for the third party accident and vehicle damage in case of a mishap. If you are purchasing a car, it is very important to have the right car insurance quote to safeguard your vehicle and financial interest.


A good research is needed to assess not only the type of vehicle you would like to buy but also to find the right policy for your two-wheeler or car insurance quotes. You can’t be underinsured or need to pay your hard-earned money for free! So, while you research for the bike or car on the internet for their ‘mean’ specs, paying attention to other things such as insurance, after-sales support and customer services can help you a great deal.

If you are toying around the idea of buying a new vehicle, then tick all the boxes off this checklist before you make your decision! This comprehensive checklist covers on you all fronts and helps you get the best value of your money.

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