Claim Your Rights In Case Of Bicycle Accident


Bicycles are the most feasible and eco-friendly way to commute for daily purposes. It not only reduces pollution but is also healthy for our body. But due to the increased use of automobiles on road, cyclists are very much prone to accident nowadays. In fact, a major portion of fatalities and deaths in Las Vegas nowadays are due to a bicycle accident. Most of the time, bicyclists become the victim of other’s errors or negligence.

Major causes of bicycle accidents:

  • Negligent driving: A substantial amount of bicycle accidents occur due to the negligent driving of cars. Car drivers, sometimes tend to drive in a negligent manner thereby causing crash or accident. Bicycles are the most exposed victim of their negligence.
  • Harsh driving: Many people like to show off their car or driving skills. In doing so, they indulge in harsh and reckless driving, resulting in crashes most of the times. Bicycle riders become their victim without even being at fault.
  • Rider’s carelessness: It also happens that the bicycle rider doesn’t follow traffic signals. They sometimes drive the bicycle carelessly. This also causes accident and riders suffer injuries. In maximum cases of accident, you may need help from a bike accident lawyer to claim damages for the injuries caused to you.

Rights of bicycle riders

In case of other party’s fault, bicycle riders have the right to claim compensation for the injury caused to them. They can file claim suit before the court of law against the defaulting party. They may demand compensation for medical expenses, loss of income or wages, loss of quality life, emotional stress, mental trauma, etc. The party at fault is liable to pay compensation to the rider if he is proved guilty and the claims are proved before the court.

What to do in case of a bicycle accident

Medical treatment: The foremost thing that you must do in case of a bicycle accident is to undergo medical treatment. It is extremely important to have a complete body check-up after a crash or accident. This detects any internal injuries as well, which can be fatal if left undetected. You must keep all the records of your medical treatment to support your claim for compensation.

Hire a bicycle accident attorney: The next very important and indispensable step is to hire a bicycle accident attorney. You may need help from a bike accident lawyer to claim damages for the injuries caused to you. Here are the reasons to hire an attorney:

  1. Proper filing of a suit for compensation: Claiming compensation is no easy task. It requires loads of knowledge about law. An attorney is well versed with all the laws and procedures that are required to file a suit for compensation. They aptly assess the amount of compensation based on factors like medical expenses, loss of wage, emotional and mental stress, loss of quality life etc.
  2. Defends you against counter allegations: The opposite party may put allegations of contributory negligence on you. This can drastically reduce the number of damages which will be awarded. In some of the cases of contributory negligence cases, you may be completely denied compensation. An attorney defends you against such allegations and strengthens the merit of your suit for compensation.

If you are ever involved in a bicycle crash then you must know these things to help yourself in a drastic situation. You must hire an accident lawyer to successfully claim compensation.

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