Key Points To Know About Chains In Your Motorbikes


Motorbike drivers must be aware of the implication of chains that are found on the bikes. These chains mainly act as a connective bridge between output shafts and the rear wheels. It is perhaps the catalyst behind moving of rear wheels. In the absence of these chains, you would not have moved your motorbike an inch. Now, all the bike lovers might be curious to know the facts about these chains and this study will help them.

Types of Bike Chains

Motorbike chains are a crucial part of the two-wheeler vehicle as it helps in the transference of the engine power to the rear wheels. You can increase your understanding of motorbike chains in the following section.

  • Roller chains: Roller chains fall a part of motorbike chain care. One of the main features of these chains is that they can only work in small vehicles. The users have to lubricate the roller chains after a certain period.
  • X ring chains: As the name suggests so these chains are formed in the shape of ‘X’. With this category of the ring, the bike users can stay at a complete privilege of reducing maintenance cost. Furthermore, unlike roller chains, these chains are self-lubricated.
  • O ring chains: The latest models of motorbike make use of these chains. The noise that seems quite irritating in earlier bike models is lowered down with the use of these chains.

Cleaning the Chains

The previous section of this study has already given you adequate knowledge about the role played by chains in your bike. So, you have to keep up these chains at regular intervals for increasing the long life of your favourite bikes. Prior to beginning with your motorbike chain care partner, you need to know the type of chain that you are using. For example, if your bike has ‘o’ ring chain then you need not worry about its maintenance as grease inside these chains prevents it from damaging your bike.

Well, with time all type of chains might need maintenance so you have to make a solution of soap for cleaning it. In case, it was rusty, you can oil it. As dirt began to get collected inside the engines so it needs to wiped away minutely.

Need For Changing Chains

Well, most of the people lower down the life of their bikes because they do not understand the implication of changing their chains. They tend to use a chain for a longer period. See, your motorbike chains began to lose its quality and this might create a greater impact on the duality of your bikes. It is to be remembered that chains are the lifeline of your bike and the slight issue can take you away from your favourite bike.

Although there is no such strict rule for changing the chains of your bikes, however, the moment you find that the chains are turning out rusty and lubrication process has slowed down you should think of changing it.

So, it can be said that bike chins are very crucial part of a motorcycle and so it should be maintained properly.

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