Great Tips To Improve Your Garage Flooring


Many people overlook flooring when redesigning their garage spaces.  However floors can have a big impact on the looks and functionality of garages.  You should consider investing in new, upgraded garage flooring to maximise your space.

Functional Flooring

Garage floors will need to be able stand up to a lot of wear and tear.  Many people park vehicles in their garages and store heavy items.  This means that garage flooring will need to be able to be resistant to scratches, denting and abrasions.  It is likely the flooring will get exposed to corrosive and toxic chemicals like petrol, oil and brake fluid.  It will need to be able to withstand these substances and also make it easy for you to clean up any spills

This is why it is a good idea to opt for flooring that is specially designed to cope with the demands of a garage space.  Beautiful ceramic tiles may look lovely in your home but they can quickly get ruined in the more challenging environments of a garage.

Types of Garage Flooring

You can speak to a specialist garage flooring company for more advice about this issue. They will be able to offer practical solutions for both your budget and requirements.  Here are just some of the most common types of garage flooring available for homeowners

Paint – most garage floors are made from a hard concrete/cement base.  These are durable but the surfaces can be porous.  This means they can absorb spills and stain easily.  Cement and concrete surfaces can be hard to keep clean and can feel cold and damp.  The easy solution is to coat these subfloors with specialist paint. This is easy to do yourself and you can find some very effective paints with epoxy-based sealants.  This provides an attractive, durable and easy to maintain surface finish for your garage flooring.

Garage Floor Tiles – you can also buy specialist garage floor tiles.  These are designed to protect your subfloors against spills and damage.  They will offer a hardwearing covering for your floors that will look great and last a long time.

Rubber Mats – an affordable and fast option is rubber parking mats.  You can throw these down over your existing garage flooring to provide an additional layer of temporary protection for areas where you park cars or work on projects.

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