5 Spring Maintenance Tips For Your Car


The spring has come, the sun is shining and we are already thinking about the fact that it is time to swap the winter tires with summer ones. It is clear that we should always service our car timely, but does a car require any special maintenance when winter gives way to spring? We conducted a survey on this topic among motorists to find this out.

Almost half of the motorists answered the question “How do you get your car ready for the spring?” by saying that they switch tires and carry out maintenance of the car. 41% of motorists switch the tires only and usually they find tires for sale, 6% do a dry cleaning of the interior and polish the car body, and another 5% of motorists said that they do not get their vehicle ready for the new season.

In turn, we will venture to give a few simple recommendations for a self-preparation of a car for the spring-summer season.

1) Before you switch tires, it is worth inspecting the summer tires and disks. If the tread and wear indicator of the tires are at the same level or the protector is slightly higher (approximately by 2 mm), it is time to purchase new tires.

2) It is important to inspect not only tires, but also the disks: if you are suspecting that they are deformed, it is better to check them on a special machine at a local tire shop; if needed, the mechanic should be able to fix them.

3) After winter, it is not enough just to thoroughly wash the car as paintwork along with all the chrome parts should be cleaned of traces of road reagents. To do this, you can buy several tools: one for removing oxides from the paint surface, and the other one designed for protecting the surface. It is also a good idea to wash the windshield with a special substance made for deep cleaning. These steps will remove not only the traces of reagents, but also microscopic roughness and stains.

4) If it has a been awhile since you vacuumed the interior, it would be good to do it at least in spring. Particular attention should be paid to the carpeting. A liquid reagent from your shoe soles tends to get into the cabin falling under the rubber mats and leaving white stains. You can fix it with the help of foamy substances for cleaning nap surfaces.

5) Windshield wipers should be replaced with new ones even if they managed to successfully survive the winter. The reason being that the rubber on them has most likely suffered severely from the winter temperature and reagents. You can get new windshield wipers online along with a variety of car accessories.

Well, these are all the tips that we have for you. In addition, we would also suggest you inspect the bottom side of your vehicle. Just make sure there are no leaks of any oily liquid in front or behind the car.

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