Motorcycles Recovered, Restored And Custom Painted


Motorcycles break down and suffer from the inevitable signs of wear and tear caused by flying stones and other debris; chips, scratches and maybe the odd dent from an embarrassing ‘dropped’ machine incident.

Your bike may be a vintage Velocette classic or, a state of the art jet powered, race bred, Valentino Rossi Yamaha.

No matter which, a motorcycle is more than a mode of transport, it is a thing of art, a sculpture, an extension of ones ego. It’s to be admired by others but not ridden, sat on nor touched by them.

Let’s now consider the top three motorcycle issues.

  1. Breakdown

Who do you call? A friend, perhaps? Well, that’s usually an option, whether it’s a wise one is extremely doubtful. Friends are always willing to help in a crisis; nevertheless ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions’. Will your bike get back in tact, not a scratch on it? Hmm …

In the unfortunate event of a motorcycle breakdown, you will want your bike handled and transported with extreme care. Call a professional transport company, one used to handling and transporting motorcycles; a company, such as White’s Transport, that has all the right specialist equipment to safeguard your ‘precious’ whilst in transit.

Find a business you can trust and slip their contact number into your wallet.

Check the internet to find an experienced, well established business; their site will quickly give you a fair impression as to the company’s professionalism. White’s Transport, is a good example of a well organised, respected business with all the necessary tools and skills to cope with any recovery, restoration or custom paint job. Check out their site;

  1. Restoration

Those chips and dents can just take gloss of an otherwise perfect motorcycle specimen. You know the type, little chips to the tank caused by your flapping jacket belt, or that fissure in your fairing created by a, now sadly deceased, suicidal pheasant.

Your mates, Tom, Dick or Harry, will probably be able to assist you in making these blemishes almost invisible.

A professional restoration, however, will ensure that those annoying chips and dents disappear … absolutely!

Check out the options online; you’ll, no doubt, soon come across White’s Bodyworks; an exceptionally experienced team of expert restorers with a portfolio of rave reviews.

Now, there are some magnificent, beautiful, motorbikes out there on our roads, albeit, usually on a sunny Sunday afternoon. You know, the ones that flash by and make you spit half a can of beer over your windscreen … just joking.

  1. Contemporary and vintage classic custom painted bikes

There are so many wonderfully bespoke-painted motorcycles out there. A rainbow of fabulous colours and designs; the riders are so inventive with copycat leathers and custom paint jobs on bikes’ matching the design theme of, perhaps, their favourite GP or BSB racers.

Why not make your bike stand out from the crowd by giving it that WOW factor?

Confer with an expert; express your ideas and, in no time you’ll be riding the most awesome, personalised, eye-catching bike on this planet!






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