Here’s Where You Can Get Custom Car Covers Made


We all know how buying a car is like a huge investment leap, and we all want our cars to be one of the things we are proud of. More than being a utility good, cars have gone on to become the luxury everyone wants to have. But most people are not satisfied with just a fancy car. Like other things, they want to accessorize their cars with fancy things as well. And that is where car covers come into the picture.

Here we bring to you some of the stores that sell custom-made car covers to their buyers, and fail to disappoint in every manner possible.

Cover King

They are widely known for their intelligent and quirky car cover designs. And what’s more, they have a design idea ready for whichever car you take up to them; be it a Volkswagen Beetle or an Aston Martin. Their car covers are made of superior materials, which keep your car in a safe zone throughout, making them less prone to damages caused ny natural means like rain, too much sun rays, etc. Moreover, if you do not like the designs they bring to you, you can always submit your own design ideas to them, which they work on and try to replicate in the best way possible.


It’s sort of difficult to see an e-commerce website selling customized car covers, but Alibaba takes the market competitiveness to a new level with their product variety. They make covers after you have specified the kind of cover you want; you have to give them specifications regarding the smallest of details like the cover fabric, your car size, what features you want your car cover to have, etc. Once they have gathered this information, they deliver your cover at your doorstep with absolute ease.


Covercraft may not ask you for design inputs regarding your personalized car cover, but they have a variety of cover templates of their own which you can easily choose from. Under their Grafix series, Covercraft has quite a few designs that you would like to see on your beloved automobile’s cover. However, Covercraft is better known for the quality of its covers rather than design; the covers come with features like UV protection, breathability, rain protection, bird and ding protection, and snow protection. It also has a very amicable cover quality, which is feather soft in nature and will make you want to caress your cover every now and then.

California Car Cover Co.

Another online portal, California Car Cover Co. is dedicated to only car accessories, unlike other online retailers like Alibaba. Here, you can shop for anything related to your automobile, from auto parts to cleaning products. And they too cater to the needs of people wanting to have customized car covers for themselves. They have been in the business of making car covers since 1989, which makes them pretty reputed and reliable in the automobile industry. Their car covers are made with extreme precision, and are built to give a snug fit to your precious ride.

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