How To Extend Tire Life

Buyer Guide

There are many ways to follow to maximize car tire life. Most of these recommendation are very easy to follow. Regular vehicle check out help prevent unforeseen car tire damages. Anyone looking to rent a car, consider to take those ones with good tire threads.  Here are five proven ways effective in extending service offered by your tires.

  1. Ensure proper tire inflation; Inflating a car less than the required pressure reduces car its life buy as much as 16%. It is for this reason one need to check regularly tire pressure, they are porous and tend to loose air constantly. Temperature changes also affect the pressure.
  2. Rotate the tires after some time; Depending on the position of the tire they wear out differently. Rotating them ensures they wear out evenly and hence maximize their thread life.  It is recommended to rotate them after changing the oil twice, that is to say after about 6000 miles.
  3. Alignment should always be right; This greatly affect the life of your tires by ensuring the friction subjected to the tires is equally distributed. Research shows that tire life can be affected up to 30% by ensuring the wheels are properly aligned.  Road hazards can knock the wheels out of position without the diver even knowing, it is important to check alignment regularly.
  4. Replace worm out components; A car to wear out most of the parts and hence they need to be replaced. Worn out parts like the wheel bearings, shock absorbers, rod ends, springs and ball joints need to be replaced once their time has come. Failure to attend to them they translate to affecting the wheel alignment and as earlier stated have an effect on tire life. Some of these wears cause imbalance, vibration and uneven contact between road and tire.
  5. Drive at average speeds; driving at top speeds generates more heat and with no doubt affects the heat reduces the life of the tires. High speeds reduce the thread life by up to 30%. If you are a fast driver then it is advisable to buy the kind of tires designed for that nature. It goes without saying one should always look for genuine tires so as to ripe maximum benefit.

 By following all the steps given it is guaranteed your tires will have extended life. It is worth noting that they play a very big roll ensuring a car comes to halt at the anticipated pace.  Good tires play a very big role ensuring life are saved. They also help in complementing the projected driving experience by the manufacturer. If looking to buy a car, ensure the tires are good so that you do not have to undergo extra cost.

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