Should I Scrap My Car Or Fix It?


Caught in a dilemma between scrapping your car or fixing it? This guide from Big Bucks Car Removal will help you make the right choice. Find out if you should opt for the Sell Cars For Cash option or if you should have your car fixed.

How to Decide Whether to Scrap or Fix A Car?

Here are the factors you need to consider when making a decision on whether to scrap or fix your car.

Is It Worth Fixing?

The first and foremost factor to consider is if it is even worth it to fix your car. Put aside your emotional attachment to the car and look at it objectively. If the cost of repairs works out to be more than the value of the car, then it’s time to let it go.

Is the Car Reliable?

This is another big factor that will affect your decision-making process. The reason people own cars is because having a vehicle makes it easier for them to get from point to point. But, if your car is not reliable, if you’re constantly worried that it will breakdown on the road, leaving you stranded, then that’s a clear indication that the car should be scrapped.

Does It Need Constant Repairs?

Another red flag is if a car needs constant repairs. If you find yourself taking your car to the mechanic every other month, then the car is clearly on the path to becoming a junk car and you’d do well to opt for a ‘Cash For Scrap Cars’ sale for it.

Does It Meet Your Needs?

Okay, so your trusty old car was perfect for you back when you were in college. But it’s been ten years now and your needs have changed. You have a family now and the car just isn’t meeting your and your family’s requirements. There are also safety concerns to take into consideration. Newer car models are released every year with better child safety controls. If your car is too old and does not meet all your needs, then scrapping it is the right thing to do.

Is It Fuel Efficient?

Older cars tend to perform poorly when it comes to fuel efficiency. This means you’re wasting hundreds and thousands of dollars more on fuel than you would have to if you had a newer car with better fuel efficiency. If your old car is a fuel guzzler, then a ‘Sell Cars For Cash’ sale is what you need.

As mentioned above, there are definite signs that tell you if it’s time to get rid of your vehicle. If your car is damaged, old or unwanted, sell it for cash to Big Bucks Car Removal. Call us on 0415 388 879.

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