Purchase Bridgestone Tyres For Your Restoration Project


For people who enjoy restoring cars, it is important for all of the parts on the cars to be as genuine as possible. Not only does this aid in making the vehicle look more authentic, but the value of the car can be affected too. Even the tyres on a restored vehicle have to match the car and the time period when it was built.

Buying Vintage Tyres

When you are buying tyres for a vintage vehicle, many tyre companies, like Bridgestone tyres, make vintage tyres to help your vehicle look as real as possible. Everything from the tyre tread, the size and the aspect ratio must be correct in order to be in keeping with the car’s time period. If the tyres do not look correct, the vehicle will not look correct and it can lose some of its value.

It can be difficult to find authentic parts for vintage vehicles, but for car restorers in the United Kingdom, they can find the vintage tyres they need at My Tyres and have them shipped directly to their location. The tyres can also be shipped directly to a garage or shop to be mounted for your car. Often times, buying vintage parts online is a great way to save money on them because they can be so difficult to locate.

Ordering Vintage Tyres

Before ordering tyres for a vintage car, you need to make sure you are buying the right ones. You can buy them by finding the proper sized tyres, but you also have to find out if you need a white wall or black wall tyre. Many vintage vehicles, especially those that were built in the early 20th century, need to have white wall tyres in order to be authentic and Bridgestone tyres offer white walls for vintage vehicles.

Along with buying tyres for restored cars by size or aspect ratio, you also have to buy the tyres by the vehicle’s brand. A vintage Ford tyre may be completely different then the tyre for another brand of vintage car, depending on when the car was manufactured. However, most makers of vintage car tyres will offer their products by brand, as well as size.

When you research the car you’re restoring, you need to determine if the tyre used tubes or not. Some of the earlier models of vehicles used tubes inside of the tyres to keep them properly inflated. Bridgestone tyres not only offers authentic vintage tyres, but you can buy vintage tyre tubes from them through My Tyres.

It can take many years to find all of the parts you need to fully restore a vintage vehicle, so you don’t want to waste all of that time and effort by buying the wrong tyres for the car. By doing some research into the proper size, aspect ratio and tread, you can find the correct vintage tyres for your project. Your car will not only look more authentic with the proper tyres on it, but you should be able to sell it for more as well.

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