White Smoke Coming From Exhaust


Have your car white smoke when a new heated in the morning? But usually the condition is considered normal by the owner of the vehicle. However, did you know that up to now there are still many who do not know about it, in the minds of the riders, whether this condition would be dangerous? Then what to do when this happened in your personal car at home?

Based on information from www.cartreatments.com and some of the Japanese car manufacturer, that the white smoke out of the exhaust turns omen if the is having problems on the machine. If left unchecked then it will propagate to the other parts resulting in damage each. It is certainly not desired by the owner of the car. Then, beware if this condition ever happened to your car.

When your car emit white smoke, but in small intensity you do not worry, because it happens due to the results of the buildup of condensation which is usually normal occur in the exhaust system. Then white smoke such as whether to watch out or suspected that it is a sign of engine damage?

White smoke you should be aware of is the white smoke that came out in large quantities and a little thick, this occurs due to the combustion in the engine coolant. Therefore, it can cause problems such ne damage to the head cylinder and cracks on the cylinder block.

Generally part refrigerant leaking into the main cause of your car exhaust white smoke. Therefore, you should routinely check the cooling system. Diligently checked, then you can minimize the risk of overheating and the damage was greater in the machine. But not only that, other causes can also be caused by damage of breakage PCV Valve. If PCV valve damage can cause the oil is sucked from the engine room. Oil is then burned in the combustion chamber. That’s what causes the white smoke from the exhaust.

Besides that, the white smoke can also occur because of a leaky valve seals. You can recognize this damage if the white smoke form the exhaust occurs when the vehicle engine is not hot and when the car is in motion. Make sure you check the seal valve and check the dose of oil to determine whether or not the oil is wasted excessive.

Did you know that when the exhaust has issued a white smoke or black, then the danger or leakage can exhaust you experienced, exhaust leaking highly dangerous to human health, poisonous and deadly CO gas and causes the engine power is reduced resulting fuel to be extravagant.

In addition to damage to the machine, there are several things that can cause the exhaust of your car is leaking, like the age of aging vehicle so corroded, leaking at points welded joints due to attempted modifications made by the owner of the vehicle, are often located in areas where the air contains salt such as on the beach, and the last because the exhaust hanger broke.

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