Why A Full Service Car Wash Is The Only Way To Go


People take pride in their cars and want them to always look their best, but weather and day-to-day activities can take their tole on a vehicle. Taking children to and from school on rainy days often means dirt and mud is deposited on your car mats and carpeting. When dirt gets ground into the carpet it can cause permanent damage. Coffee cups and fast food wrappers tend to accumulate during the work week and overflow the trash bag. Full service car wash is the solution to keeping your car looking good and in good condition.

Do It Yourself Car Washes

According to Cars Direct, you can save a few dollars by going to a self-service car wash, but in the long run you it will cost you more to repair the scratches on your car’s finish. Brushes cause a lot of damage to your car’s finish. It’s also much harder to give the underside a thorough cleaning, which is necessary if you live where it snows in the winter. Sand and salt put on the roads during and after storms can cause rust and damage that is costly to repair. Only a full service car wash can remove it all.

Full Service Car Wash

According to Cobblestone Auto Spa, more than just the outside of your car is cleaned when you get a full service car wash. The inside of the car is cleaned and vacuumed, tire pressure is checked, and fluid levels are looked at. Detailing is part of the service and gives your vehicle a new car look and smell. Full service begins with a hand washing of the car’s exterior and will include the the wheel wells, special cleaner for tires, and the door jambs. With a full service car wash you can purchases different levels of detailing. You are unlikely to need a full detailing more than once a year, unless you are very messy. Always remove any valuables from your car or lock them in the glove compartment while the car is being cleaned. It would be a very rare incident to have something stolen, but there is no need to place temptation in front of someone.

Keep your car clean and looking good with a regular full-service car wash, and once a year have a full detailing. It will add value when you eventually sell your car.

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