Tips On Renting A Car In Iceland


Do you need wheels for your next holiday trip? The idea of renting a car can be very awesome and smart. A rental gives you the much needed freedom and flexibility during your travel. Most part of the world rental cars are the only way to move about. Trying to get a iceland car rental can be hard sometimes because you need to get the best deal in town or figure out which insurance policy is best for you. You can read the all the article to get tips on how to save money, comprehend your rental policy and how to avoid problems when renting a car.

Choosing a Vehicle

When renting a car you should be very careful on the type of vehicle you will be renting. For example you are traveling along with your kids or you are carry a lot of stuff during your travel you may need a SUV or a big sedan. If you are keen on saving your cash you can probably go for the smaller model which will be economical on fuel consumption.

In the world today size cannot be only factor I would suggest you go for an eco-friendly model. Of course many car rental services offer hybrid vehicles to their customers. Also another thing you should go for a model with automatic gear transmission.

You should select a rental car company that has some extras that you might require like GPS system or a ski rack. Also if are travelling with your kids some may offer children seats.

Booking Your Car

In many countries you will find the major car rental companies with like of Dollar, Hertz, Alamo, Budget, Avis and Thrifty. But it all comes down to where you have traveled to, you could find local car rental companies having cheaper rate. Before you go ahead in making a booking you should makes sure that the company you are picking is measuring up to the international standards.

If you opt to pick the major international you should ask on discounts to get a lower rate. Major international car rental companies offer discounts to their loyal customers. If you also happen to work in a company that frequently rent cars you can a discounted rate.

Another thing before making an online booking make sure you do good internet search on promotion code and coupons that you can insert during the booking process. By doing so you might end up saving between 5 to 20 percent off the initial cost.

If you aren’t in any car rental loyalty program consider joining one before making the booking. You may be entitled to certain privileges but these privileges vary from company to company. Also you can get some special discounted rates.

The modern best way on saving the car rental charges is by joining a car share service. If you are in one of the major cities you can join Zipcar a popular car share service.

Understanding Your Rental

When you are booking online make sure you read the term and policy very well before making the reservation. If you happen to make the booking via phone ask on questions about restriction to understand the major conditions before making a reservation. You should be careful in understanding the policy and maybe the penalties that you may get on no shows.

The True Cost of Car Rentals

The rates you see advertised can be so inflated and you ought to be keen to ask questions on state taxes, airport charges, insurance and dropping off charges to avoid ending up pay more than what you had initial planned for.

At Pickup Time

During pick up time you can save a lot for example you intend to drive from airport to a hotel for the night you can pick a shuttle instead and save a day of car rental service.

You can also avoid airport charge by picking the rental car from downtown instead of at the airport.

Returning the Car

Returning the car late can cost you a lot and many car rental services give an allowance of only 30 minutes before they start accumulating late fees.

Also before leaving the car you should do a heavy check to pick up all your items to avoid losing your valuable items like cell phones and cameras.

During the inspection of car be in attendance so that you can agree on the damages recorded to avoid any conflict.

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