How To Deal With A Truck Accident – The Three Option Survival Guide


Ending up in a motor vehicle accident of any kind can be a real shock, regardless of whether you’re a car driver, pedestrian, truck driver or a cyclist. Unfortunately, statistics show that motor vehicle accidents are rising at an alarming rate. With an ever increasing population size and with more and more people moving to urban areas, the incidents of motor vehicle accidents unfortunately aren’t going down any time soon! For example, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that in 2014, 3,978 deaths and 88,000 injuries were caused by truck accidents alone, where the majority of the victims involved were occupants of other vehicles – an astonishing statistic!

In the case of truck accidents, the situation can potentially be a lot more damaging and difficult to handle than with regular, smaller sized motor vehicles. Trucks are big, therefor the damage they can cause is a lot larger and therefor there is a lot more at stake for truck drivers in general. On the other hand, truck drivers have big companies backing them up, where as you are just a single person by yourself with hefty costs (medical bills and vehicle repairs) that are way out of your pay bracket!

The following advice will assist you in dealing with a truck accident and explain why appointing a commercial vehicle accident law firm that can provide representation in a  truck accident lawsuit is a smart move to make.

You ultimately have the following three choices after you’ve been involved in a truck accident:

Choice one:

You could potentially deal with the situation through an insurance company. The insurance company of the truck driver will have to pay out only if it was indeed the truck drivers fault. Your insurance company might decide to peruse the truck driver’s insurance company to make sure they pay out and cover your costs. There are some situations where depending on insurance may not be the ideal thing to do. The truck driver’s insurance agents for example might attempt to pin something on you in order to avoid paying out or to pay a lesser amount. This is where a company such as steps in and defends you from a legal perspective.

Choice two:

Some people feel that relying on insurance companies is not a viable option for them and would rather enter into a settlement negotiation themselves. In this case you would represent yourself and pay far less money than if you decided on the previous option. The downside of this is that you’d have to thoroughly research how to argue your case against the truck driver’s lawyers, who were likely hired by a large business entity. These lawyers are probably very smart and have dealt with this kind of situation many times where even if you were in the right’ they’d have a real advantage in proving the opposite is so.

Choice three:

Finally, you’d have the option to appoint a local motor vehicle accident attorney who would have the necessary experience in dealing with this type of situation. For instance, a specialized truck accident lawyer from a firm such as Marasco & Nesselbush could assist you in determining if you have a case and help resolve the matter by obtaining full and fair compensation for your injuries and damages incurred.

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