Why Support Your Local Garage?


If you own a car it might be the case that you are struggling to keep it on the road. The cost of running and maintaining a car, in the UK, has gone up year on year and has been doing so for some time. A recent survey by the RAC showed that for 46% of motorists the rising cost of running their vehicles is cause for concern.

The cost of servicing and maintaining a modern car is high. Fortunately, when it comes to servicing there are ways to keep the costs down. One of the easiest steps you can take is to find a good local garage and use them for your servicing and MOT. Doing so will save you money and bring other benefits.

Lower servicing costs

If you use a local garage, you will usually find that the service will cost less than if you were to use a main dealer. Local garages like the Cheshire MOT & Service Centre are competing closely with other garages in the area. This fact means that they work hard to keep the cost of their services low to ensure that customers choose them over other local garages.

In addition, if you use a local MOT and service centre you will save on money on petrol because you will not have to travel as far. Importantly, it will also save you time because your journey to and from the service centre will be shorter.

A more personal service

Most local garages offer a truly personal and tailored service. They see most of their customers two or three times a year. This means that, over time, they get to know their customers and provide them with a tailored one on one service. This means that customers get an exceptionally good service with many local garages going the extra mile to look after their clients

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