Top 3 Causes Of Car Breakdowns In London


If your car breaks down, there are many different reasons and causes for the breakdown in London. Here are a few tips of common car faults and issues that may cause your car or vehicle to break down.

  1. No or incorrect fuel

If your car breaks down when you’re driving through London, the first thing you need to consider is the amount of fuel in your car. First, check the fuel gauge on your dashboard to see the level of fuel in your vehicle. If you haven’t got any fuel in your car, that is a clear indicator of your issue and you should proceed to the closest petrol station to collect some fuel on foot and if you have a jerry can, this will be required. Alternatively, if there is not a petrol station nearby, call Car Breakdown Recovery UK who will be able to dispatch a car recovery technician to bring you some fuel anywhere in London.

Another, similar issue may be the wrong fuel. If you have recently filled up your car with fuel in the London area, and subsequently broken down soon after, it may be a good idea to check your receipt to make sure you have filled up with the correct fuel.

  1. Flat or faulty batteries

If you are unable to get your car started, the first place to check would be the battery. If your battery is fairly old, hasn’t been used in a while or has been causing your car problems, it is a possibility that you may have a flat or faulty battery. Again, Car Breakdown Recovery UK could dispatch a car recovery technician to your car in London and get the car going again. You may be advised to replace the cars battery at the earliest opportunity, but Car Breakdown Recovery UK are able to jump start all UK vehicles. Arrival times for car jump start services with in the London, Surrey, Essex and Croydon area in currently under 1 hour.

  1. Flat Tyres

If your car breaks down in London due to a flat tyre, Car Breakdown Recovery UK can assist you with replacing this car tyre. A car breakdown recovery technician with Car Breakdown Recovery UK could be with you in less than 1 hour if you’re in London, to assist you with your cars tyre change and get you back on the roads of London again. Flat tyres are a very common cause of car break downs in London and the UK and car recovery engineers with Car Breakdown Recovery UK deal with this everyday – so you know your car is in safe, trusted and experienced hands.

If your car breaks down anywhere in London or the UK for any reason, call Car Breakdown Recovery UK. All car recovery drivers within Car Breakdown Recovery UK are fully qualified and experienced within the automotive industry and know how to deal with your car breakdown in the fastest and most efficient way possible. All car recovery drivers with Car Breakdown Recovery UK are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week across London and the rest of the UK – call their friendly car recovery team based in London, now on 07508732380.

Car Breakdown Recovery also provide 24-hour vehicle transportation services within London, if you simply need your vehicle transported from one location to another.

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