Why You Should Buy An eBike


The advantages of buying and using an eBike or electric bicycle are many, but has to include they are environmentally friendly. These are simple bikes with an electrical motor and battery on them to help propel the rider down the road with zero emissions. eBike insurance is cheaper than car insurance.

The advantages of owning an eBike

  • Zero emissions when being used.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Can be propelled by the electric motor or by the pedals operated by the rider.
  • Easy to park and store while at the destination including work or shopping.
  • Easy to push when a tire is flat.
  • Makes it possible to go longer distances than a standard bicycle.
  • Less effort than propelling a standard bicycle with the motor assistance.
  • No drivers or riders license required to operate on the road.
  • No vehicle license required.
  • No liability insurance required.
  • This is low impact exercise.
  • Can have a small trailer attached for transporting goods or packages.
  • Lower impact than a typical bicycle so less sweating when commuting to work.

The Speed an eBike can obtain

  • Most countries with regulation on eBikes limit the electric motor at 250 watts.
    • The top speed of this type of eBike is 25 kmh or 15 ½ mph.
      • When this speed is obtained the motor generally shuts off which helps to save the battery charge.
    • There are high performance eBikes that can obtain a speed of up to 45 kmh or 28 mph.
      • In most countries these eBikes require a special operators and vehicle licenses.

How far can a Normal Battery Operate an eBike

  • For most eBikes the battery is small and can keep a charge for approximately 48 km or 30 miles.
  • Some eBikes are equipped to recharge the battery by pedaling, but this is generally not standard equipment.
    • This requires more effort than pedaling a standard bicycle due to the resistance of the electric generator.

EBikes used for Exercise

  • They provide a low impact exercise.
  • Always for assistance in propulsion when necessary or desired.
  • Easy to operate so short trips are accomplished faster and cheaper.

The use of an eBike for exercise is practical and advantageous, especially for those that are physically challenged.

Varieties of eBikes

  • Most eBikes are with two wheels and are similar to a regular bicycle.
  • There are several models that are similar to a small scooter in configuration.
    • These are harder to pedal due to the additional weight, but have a longer range since they carry a larger battery.
  • Trikes are also available.
    • These generally have one rear wheel and two front wheels
    • The seat is reclining unlike the standard eBike where the rider sits upright.
    • These are made to provide those people with back problems mobility they would otherwise not have access too.

For many in both the country side and urban environment, the use of eBikes is the preferred mode of transportation. They are lightweight and easy to operate with low maintenance. Best of all no petrol is required to propel you to your destination.

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