New Plates Fleet to Renew for 20 Years


As reported days ago, changing license plates began last August 1 throughout Peru, which have different characteristics to better identification system and where additional storage capacity.

Speaking to Radio Capital, Edwin Derteano, president of the Automobile Association of Peru noted that this change, with new unforgeable plates will cause the system to increase or renew the automobile in the next 20 years.

Who needs to change

Dearteano said that all vehicles that provide public transportation service, both goods and people, including taxis, buses, trucks, carts pulled by trucks, pick ups, as well as those who work as student mobility.


This new system will impose a fine of S /. 444 to those who do not comply with the rules, especially those vehicles with plates ending in zero, which form part of the first part of the schedule that ends on August 31.

However, those wishing to make the change, but not of the number in question, they may also do so.

It should be noted that all taxis that have their registered plates since January 1, 2010 (PE at the top).

Each type of vehicle has a different color plate:

  • Individual: White
  • Taxi: White with yellow stripe
  • Urban Bus: White with green stripe
  • Bus Interprovincial: White with orange stripe